The Team Approach to Finances

Financial planning, tax planning, and estate planning can be integrated to achieve your financial goals. When this professional planning team works together, clients can realize significant financial benefits. With a cohesive strategy in place, you can achieve your financial goals, minimize the amount you pass over to the government in taxes, and maximize the wealth you’re able to pass on through your estate planning.

Financial Planner
Financial planners work with you to determine your financial goals and then create a plan to help you realize those goals. Many traditional lifetime moments—like purchasing a house, saving for college, and retiring—start as a goal that is achieved with the help of a financial planner.

Tax Planner
A tax planner—also called a tax advisor—can prepare your taxes for you. But a tax planner’s service goes beyond figuring your prior year’s taxes. A tax planner is proactive, with a goal of minimizing your tax liability by preparing and implementing a tax planning strategy.

Estate Planning Attorney
An estate planning attorney works with you to ensure that as much of your wealth is passed on to the people you choose through a will or trust. Effective estate planning minimizes estate tax liability as much as possible, avoids probate, addresses your potential incapacity, and provides asset protection during your lifetime and beyond.

Professional Planning Synergy
These planning professionals provide important services individually. When their knowledge and experience is combined into a comprehensive wealth-based strategy, the effect can be powerful.

Work with a Florida Estate Planning Attorney
When we create your estate plan, we’re happy to work with your financial planner and tax planner to ensure the best possible outcome. Call our office at 561-395-6800 or fill out our contact form to schedule a meeting and we will be in touch to get that scheduled.