Is a Handwritten Will Effective?

After the 2018 passing of the legendary singer Aretha Franklin, her family and lawyer initially thought she had died without a will. But earlier this year, three handwritten wills—two from 2010 that were locked in a cabinet and one from 2014 that was hidden under a couch cushion—were found in Franklin’s home in Detroit. Franklin’s [...]

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Estate Planning

Because estate planning is about taking care of yourself and those you love, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. There’s no financial threshold you must meet in order to qualify for planning. The qualifications are simple and twofold: first, you must care about someone or want to have some level of control over [...]

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Will vs. Trust: Which is Right for You?

When you sit down to create your estate plan, there are likely dozens of questions running through your mind. Who should get possession of your home? Who should run the family business? Will you create a college fund for your grandkids? What charity should you donate to? The options can be dizzying. Before you get [...]

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Funeral Planning: How a Remembrance and Services Memorandum Can Help

No one enjoys thinking about their own funeral, but making those arrangements in advance yourself may be one of the most thoughtful acts you can do for your loved ones. More and more people are including funeral planning as part of their estate plan, sparing their grieving families from having to make hasty arrangements during [...]

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Off to College? Young Adults Need Estate Planning, Too

Once a child turns 18, parents lose the legal ability to make decisions for their child or even to find out basic information. Learning you cannot see your college student's grades without his/her permission can be mildly frustrating. But a medical emergency can take this frustration to a completely different level. The parents (or a [...]

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Estate Planning Considerations for Benefits Open Enrollment

The fall, generally late-October or early-November, is the time when employers send out summaries of employee benefits offered by the company and give employees the option to enroll in these benefits. These can generally include retirement plan options, health care, dental, vision, short and/or long-term disability, and life insurance coverage. Your employer may pay 100 [...]

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Home DNA Tests – A Bump in Your Estate Plan

Discovering your ancestry can be both fun and fascinating. At-home DNA tests have grown in popularity in recent years. Often given as a unique gift for loved ones, the kits reveal details about our individual and collective pasts. Unfortunately, these tests aren’t all fun and games. When a test reveals an unexpected relative or biological [...]

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