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Eastham Law Offices have been serving clients with top-notch legal services in Palm Beach and Broward Counties for over 30 years. We offer our clients a general practice with areas of specialized focus including: Estate Planning, Probate, Asset Protection, Trust & Estate Administration, Business Organization, Real Estate, and Contract/Transactional Law. We provide our clients with professional case management and continual communication mostly through a flat fee agreement – in which case, you will never be charged an additional fee for calling us.

Estate Planning

Planning your estate, either by establishing a will, a trust, or more advanced documentation, is an important step not only to ensure your final wises are met, but also ensuring you’re protected throughout your life and to help navigate a complex process to benefit your survivors. It is essential to have the input of a professional attorney with a solid background in Estate & Trust Law when you plan your life legacy. At Eastham Law Offices, you will be guided through each step to create a personalized plan that addresses your unique estate planning needs. We offer flat fees to plan your estate, so you’ll always know your costs before making the decision to proceed.

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Probate is the legal process wherein the court oversees the handling of a decedent’s estate (all the assets, debts and claims of the deceased). Florida law requires an estate be represented by an attorney. If you are seeking appointment as a Personal Representative/Executor of an estate, we can represent you and help you meet the responsibilities of your court-appointed role. We will serve as your advocate, helping you with creditors, beneficiary distributions and/or trust administration. If you’re a beneficiary or a creditor of an estate, no need to take a back seat, we can represent you too, making sure your distributions are timely.

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Asset Protection

We focus our efforts on creating personalized, multilayer protection plans. These personalized plans are perfect tools for the entrepreneur, professions with high risk to law suits and are often a necessity for high-net-worth clients. The laws in Florida coupled with federal taxation can make asset protection a complicated mine field even more so when those laws are subject to change. As such, it is essential to plan in advance with attorneys who have solid knowledge of Florida law. At Eastham Law Offices, we understand that your financial situation is unique; we will educate you on the complex aspects of asset protection so you may make the best choices for your future.

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