3 Asset Protection Tips You Can Use Now

A common misconception is that only wealthy families and people in high risk professions need to put together an asset protection plan. But in reality, anyone can be sued. A car accident, foreclosure, unpaid medical bills, or an injured tenant can result in a monetary judgment that will decimate your finances. Below are three tips [...]

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Asset Protection Planning

We all have a lawsuit bulls-eye on our backs. Unfortunately, lawsuits, including frivolous lawsuits, are filed daily against good people like you. Asset protection planning, which is an important part of estate planning, can protect you, your family, and your assets. You’ve likely already done some asset protection planning such as purchasing homeowners’ and auto [...]

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Organizing for Tax (and Estate Planning) Season

It’s the start of a new year, which means tax season—and this year’s April 17th IRS filing deadline—is just around the corner. Soon you’ll be receiving tax forms such as your W-2 or 1099s, and you’ll start thinking about the life events that could affect your taxes in various ways. This flurry of tax prep activity [...]

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