The Shocking Truth About Asset Protection Planning

Some view asset protection planning with a skeptical eye. They believe there is a moral obligation to pay one’s debts. They think that asset protection planning is immoral because it prevents a creditor from collecting on a judgment entered by a court. The truth is the U.S. justice system is unpredictable. Defendants are faced with ever-expanding theories [...]

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Should your child’s guardian and trustee be the same person?

If you have overheard any discussion about estate planning, you have likely heard the words “guardian” or “trustee” tossed around in the conversation. When it comes to estate planning, who will be ultimately in charge of your minor child is an important decision that requires consideration of many factors. Although there is no substitute for [...]

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Four Estate and Legacy Planning Tips for the Suddenly Wealthy

Suddenly coming into money can be both a blessing and a curse. Whether you just signed a multiyear, multimillion dollar employment contract, received a significant inheritance, expect a large check from a lawsuit verdict or divorce settlement, or just won the lottery, you need help from professionals to avoid negative consequences from your windfall. Below [...]

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Is now the time to remodel your old trust?

There are several reasons why you should update your existing trust or perhaps your entire estate plan. While estate planning documents do not necessarily have a shelf life, they may not fulfill your goals when your circumstances change. Of course, having estate planning documents that are up-to-date is critical, but how do you know when [...]

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