Conversation Starter: What’s Your Tech IQ? Part I

If you graduated before computers became fixtures in the classrooms or work in a role that doesn’t require computer use, technology may not be a part of your everyday life. Do you feel like you missed the technology revolution? If you do, you’re not alone.

You may feel like you’ve made it this far in life without technology and ask, “why bother now?” But technology is not going away. These days, it’s practically baked right into our culture. Here are some reasons to consider upping your comfort level with technology—your tech IQ. And, if you’re ready to get started, watch for the next article that will discuss some of the various resources available to introduce technology or to help you brush up on what you already know.

Technology Keeps Us Connected
Our youngest generations, the Alphas and the GenZs, don’t know a time without the smart phone. For many, it is an important—even essential—way to communicate with friends, clubs, and even school and work. A smart phone is a way to connect with young people in their tech-centric world.

And while nothing is better than connecting with others face to face, technology allows us to connect in so many ways! From the video chats many of us got used to during the recent lockdowns to sending real-time photos, technology adds more dimension to how we can communicate. Further, technology enables group messaging so that friends and families can easily keep in touch. Social media platforms keep us connected to a wide group of connections, including people we might otherwise fall out of touch with.

Whether you want to video chat with your grandkids who live across the country or check in more regularly with your local friends, technology can help keep you connected.

Business As Usual Almost Always Includes Technology
Have you ever walked into a bustling fast-casual restaurant or coffee shop and waited at the counter for someone to notice you and finally take your order? Oftentimes, that’s because the staff is busy fulfilling the orders from people who ordered online for pick up.

More and more businesses—and entire industries—are moving to technology-based customer service. You need a mobile phone to use a ride service. Many banks are replacing their tellers with ATMs and encouraging customers to bank from home on the internet. While airlines accept both paper and mobile boarding passes, with a mobile boarding on your phone you have one less thing to carry or potentially stand in line for.

So, although you may prefer transacting in person, you may find that the convenience of using technology and the more efficient customer service make it worth giving a try. Additionally, when you use an app, you often receive real-time information, such as when that pumpkin spice latte you ordered is ready for pickup or—more importantly—if there’s a gate change for your upcoming flight.

Technology Gives You the World at Your Fingertips
If you haven’t “surfed” the internet, you may not be aware of the depth and breadth information available on the world wide web. From a smart phone, tablet, or computer, the world is at your fingertips! An internet search is simply a question or a phrase you type into the search bar.

If you enjoy cooking, you’ll find recipes galore. You can even watch videos and learn new techniques or take on more complicated dishes.

Lost the instruction manual for an appliance? You can probably find it online. If that appliance is giving you trouble and you’re handy, you can probably find some do-it-yourself instructions and even where to buy the parts you’ll need.

Get outta here—without leaving the comfort of your family room. From the beautiful national parks here in the US to the Great Wall of China, you can find virtual tours of many important landmarks, natural wonders, museums, and more! Or really get outta here and plan an amazing vacation to that place you’ve always wanted to visit.

It’s up to you to evaluate the quality of the information you find—just because something is on the internet doesn’t mean it’s 100% accurate. Proceed with caution, but when you have a question, the internet has answers!

Start Here
Technology is here to stay. If you want to stick a toe in the water, visit your local library and get some help logging onto one of their computers. Or stop in a local computer store and have a salesperson show you all that a tablet can do. If you’ve got young people in your life, get a quick tutorial on their favorite apps to use. Always wanted to try using a mobile boarding pass? You can still print your ticket and carry it with you as a backup for peace of mind. For more ideas on how to give technology a try as well as resources for learning more, watch for part II of this article!

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