Asset Protection

At Eastham Law Offices, we recognize the significance of asset protection in Estate Planning, and we have guided numerous clients through a comprehensive review of their assets and which types of protection are available and appropriate. Litigation is a reality in our world and often successful individuals whom have worked diligently to provide for their future and their family find themselves financially threatened by liabilities that they never anticipated. It is imperative not only to be an educated and active participant in asset protection but also to enlist the legal counsel of attorneys who specialize in this area of law. The attorneys at Eastham Law Offices are highly experienced in the realm of asset protection and how to successfully implement an asset protection program in Florida.

In protecting our client’s assets we customize a plan specifically appropriate to them, some of the entities we use are:

∙ Family Limited Partnerships

∙ Irrevocable Trusts

∙ Spendthrift Trusts

∙ Limited Liability Companies

∙ Corporations

∙ Lien producing contracts

All of our fees in regard to Estate Planning in general and Asset Protection in particular are flat fees.  What that means is, our clients know exactly what our fees will be before retaining us.  Our clients like that certainty and peace of mind and so do we.