How do I ensure that there isn’t a will contest?

We’ll need to change the question to “How can I best ensure there isn’t a will contest?” because we live in a litigious society and anyone can sue anyone for anything. But, don’t be discouraged. There’s a lot you can do to reduce the likelihood of a will contest. For example, don’t put your estate plan in a will which is a public document; instead, use a trust which is private so no one, but for named beneficiaries, will know what’s in your plan. Also, never use your estate plan to be mean. For example, don’t leave $1 to the sibling or child you don’t like. In addition, if you wish to disinherit a loved one who would normally inherit from you, state your wishes outright; don’t just leave him out of your plan. Lastly, if you have a blended family or anything other than an Ozzie and Harriet life, then let your loved ones know your plans ahead of time. Prepare and protect all those you love and let them know you’ve done so.