Estate Plan Maintenance

Your estate plan is a snapshot of you, your goals, your family, your assets, tax laws, and other laws in effect at the time it was created. All of these variables change over time, and so should your plan. It is unreasonable to expect the simple will written when you were a newlywed to be effective now that you have a growing family, or may be divorced from your spouse, or now that you are retired and have an ever increasing swarm of grandchildren.

Over the course of your lifetime, your estate plan will need check-ups, maintenance, tweaking, and, even, replacing. So, how do you know when it’s time to give your estate plan a check-up? When there has been a recent change in your personal, family, financial or health situation. If you’ve experienced any of these changes call our office today so we can update your estate documents.

If it’s been more than 3 years since your estate plan was reviewed, then it’s time to come in. We’ll review your plan and determine whether it’s still aligned with your life snapshot – you, goals, family, assets, tax laws, and other laws. You may be okay and, if so, we’ll tell you such – or – you may need an update – and, if that’s the case, we’ll get your plan updated for you.