Who Will Inherit Your Financial Wisdom? Passing on More Than Just Wealth

Many people who inherit wealth or small businesses are at significant risk for essentially squandering the wealth. An Ohio University study shows that an astonishing 33 percent of all beneficiaries lose their entire inheritance within two years of receiving it. The ways they manage to do so are as varied as the imagination, but in [...]

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Potential Problems with Beneficiary Designations

Many clients use beneficiary designations, and for good reason. Some significant assets, including life insurance policies, IRAs, retirement plans and even bank accounts, allow a beneficiary to be named. It’s free, it’s easy, and, when the owner dies, these assets are designed to be paid directly to the individual(s) named as beneficiary, outside of probate. [...]

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Not Married? You’re not alone – but you still need a plan. Estate Planning for People Living Together, Bachelors, and Bachelorettes

Approximately half of America’s population over the age of 18 is unmarried. While much of the discussion involving estate planning focuses on married couples, this topic is just as important for a single person. In fact, many times it is even more important that a single person have a well-coordinated estate plan. This is because [...]

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