Get the Most Out of Your Work with Your Lawyer   When you hire an attorney for estate planning, help with a loved one’s estate, or any other legal matter you want to make sure that the work gets done as quickly as possible and at the best possible value.  Here are some tips to [...]

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What’s On Your Worry List?

A comprehensive financial plan that is effectively executed delivers dollar savings in improved investment returns, lower taxes, lower fees, more efficient wealth and more stable income. However, an important outcome of this process addresses what may be on your worry list: running out of money, family strife, unexpected losses and making financial mistakes. The Key [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Probate

In estate planning circles, the word “probate” often comes with a starkly negative connotation. Indeed, for many people — especially those with larger estates — financial planners recommend trying to keep property out of probate whenever possible. That being said, the probate system was ultimately established to protect the property of the deceased and his/her [...]

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Estate Planning for Unmarried Partners: Planning for After Death

Estate planning is creating a set of instructions that specify how property is handled after death, and how property and health care decisions are handled during a period of incapacity. Proper estate planning is important for everyone. But for unmarried partners–opposite sex or same sex–it is critical. This article will address some issues for unmarried [...]

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Talk to Your Family over the Holidays about your Estate Plan

Many of us labor a lifetime to build up our assets and fight for causes that matter to us. Few things are more fulfilling than the thought of sharing wealth and legacy with our family. Of course, it’s impossible to plan for every eventuality, but careful planning can mitigate against the two primary risks. a)    Your [...]

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Young Adults Need Estate Planning, Too

Once a child turns 18, parents lose the legal ability to make decisions for their child or even to find out basic information. Learning you cannot see your college student's grades without his/her permission can be mildly frustrating. But a medical emergency can take this frustration to a completely different level. The parents (or a [...]

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Online and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Estate Planning

With the number of online and do-it-yourself (DIY) legal providers continuing to grow, some of individuals may be wondering if they could do their estate planning themselves. The advertising is seductive: attorneys use similar forms, the cost is significantly less than hiring an attorney, and many of these websites and kits are created by attorneys. [...]

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Will You Make these 5 Tragic Yet Common Estate Planning Mistakes?

We see tragedy on a day-to-day basis because good, caring folks make these horrid estate planning mistakes regularly. Will you? 1. Not having a plan. Every state has laws for distributing the property of someone who dies without an estate plan—but not very many people would be pleased with the results. State laws vary, but [...]

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The Tragic Loss of Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin: Lessons for Estate and Legacy Planning

On June 19, 2016, when successful actor Anton Yelchin (Chekov in the recent Star Trek movies) failed to show for rehearsal, his friends became worried and drove to his house. Sadly, they found Yelchin pinned between his security fence, brick mailbox, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Estate Planning Lessons: What Happens if You Pass Away Unprepared? [...]

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