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How to Successfully Make a “Large” Gift to Your Children or Grandchildren

What constitutes a “large” gift can be relative. That being said, if you are considering giving cash or property to someone, a little bit of planning can really help avoid negative consequences.  This is particularly true if the gifted amounts are over $15,000.00, will be gifted in property, will be gifted on a regular basis, [...]

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Estate Plan Maintenance

Your estate plan is a snapshot of you, your goals, your family, your assets, tax laws, and other laws in effect at the time it was created. All of these variables change over time, and so should your plan. It is unreasonable to expect the simple will written when you were a newlywed to be [...]

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Declare your Independence from Court Interference!

Declare independence for your family -- from court interference. Life can be unpredictable. Whether it is a financial issue, the birth or adoption of a child, sickness or incapacity, it is important to be prepared with proper estate planning. In fact, failure to put together a comprehensive estate plan can leave you and your loved [...]

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It’s Not Just About Death and Taxes: The Essential Legal Documents You Need for Incapacity Planning

Comprehensive estate planning is about more than your legacy after death, avoiding probate, and saving on taxes. It must also be about having a plan in place to manage your affairs if you become mentally incapacitated during your life. What Happens Without an Incapacity Plan? Without a comprehensive incapacity plan in place, a judge can [...]

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Steps For Starting the End-of-Life Conversation

No one wants to discuss death and dying. And yet, it’s a critical time in everyone’s life and one for which we know we need to prepare. While many people have the desire to share their wishes, something is preventing people from openly communicating with their families. As an important part of estate planning, healthcare [...]

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